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Apple disappoints with medium iPhone 4 update


Change might be tough for some Apple fans. Like a miss of ridicule turtleneck on CEO Tim Cook.

Newly minted Apple CEO Tim Cook had oversized boots to fill during a company’s new product launch in Cupertino on Tuesday. He did his best, though like a new product he introduced, he fell a bit brief of expectations.

Cook seemed loose in his black button-down shirt and jeans and even poked fun during a high stakes of a heavily hyped product launch, his initial as spokesman-in-chief given a abdication of Steve Jobs. (“This is my initial product launch given being named CEO — I’m certain we didn’t know that,” he quipped to a crowd.).

But in live coverage that bordered on a laughable (“Cook is wearing jeans, though no turtleneck. Do we duplicate that? NO TURTLENECK!”), reporters who were attending a eventuality and flitting tidbits to a outward world expressed feelings trimming from torment to dullness as a hotly expected iPhone 5 unsuccessful to appear, and in a place came a iPhone 4S, that seemed to be a rejiggered iPhone 4.

“OK, so what’s next………???” tweeted’s Wilson Rothman, after a iPhone 4S was introduced a full hour into a presentation.

“There is temperate acclaim from an assembly awaiting an iPhone 5,” blogged The Wall Street Journal’s Geoffrey Fowler. “Now a large doubt is: After a iPhone 4S introduction, will there be ‘one some-more thing’ in a form of an iPhone 5?”

When it became clear that a iPhone 4S was all she wrote (OK, there were indeed a few some-more announcements), shares of Apple fell more than 4.5 percent by a time a eventuality had wrapped, reaching a low of $355.18. Apple’s shares did fire behind up, however, to strike $372.50, only 0.6 percent below Monday’s close.

“A lot of people pronounced to themselves, ‘That’s it? That’s all?’ It felt a small like a unison where a rope walks off though doing an encore,” wrote CNET’s David Carnoy about a confab.

But notwithstanding a blogosphere’s disappointment, initial feedback was sincerely sanguinary per a phone’s new A5 processor, a innovative voice-recognition software, and Sprint’s joining to jumping on a iPhone bandwagon  

“They could have called it iPhone 5. There are adequate changes,” Morgan Keegan researcher Tavis McCourt told Reuters.  “The voice-recognition use — if it works like reports on it did on theatre — is flattering impressive.”

“It’s been 16 months and all you’ve got is an A5 processor in a existent iPhone 4,” pronounced BGC Partners’ researcher Colin Gillis. “It’s a amiable disappointment, though they’re still going to be offered millions of units.” 

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