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Audi A6 creates a wireless tie in a car

There are a lot of good things that can be pronounced about Audi’s new A6. The automobile is absurdly quiet, handles good and has an contentment of power. But a thing that impresses is a wi-fi connection.

It takes usually a few moments providing passengers, front and back, with a signal. We saw it demonstrated regulating an iPad 2.

While other makers like Ford and Toyota are rolling out systems that concede we to check in with sold websites, like Pandora for song or Open Table for grill reservation, a A6 allows we to get a whole Web. When you’re regulating around city on business and have work that involves some-more than regulating a smartphone, there is no substitute.

Of course, Audi’s complement also means carrying to change a laptop or iPad on your lap. But during slightest in theory, it’s a distant easier approach to bond than carrying to drag out an atmosphere card.

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