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Call for banks to be clearer on abroad fees

Consumer organisation Which? is job for clarity from banks after anticipating that some assign “exorbitant fees” for exchange carried out abroad.

In addition, it found that these fees are mostly not clearly signposted by banks and can come as a outrageous startle to consumers. It says sum of a fees are mostly dark divided on websites or are not disclosed on bank statements.

In sequence to examine a trend, Which? sent researchers to France where any done a withdraw label remuneration of €5.95 as good as a money withdrawal of €20. They compared a charges imposed by vital banks and found a “huge” variation.

Whilst some banks don’t assign anything for abroad transactions, others were charging adult to 33 per cent for withdraw label purchases and 15 per cent for ATM withdrawals.

The researchers found that during a tip rate, someone who done 10 £50 exchange abroad would finish adult profitable an additional £28.75 in fees.

Which? executive director, Richard Lloyd, said, “Banks are charging unreasonable fees for a many candid abroad transactions, pulling adult a cost of even a many simple purchases.”

He added, “We are gratified that a Office of Fair Trading agrees with us that a attention needs to urge a approach it displays charges online and in statements. We wish to see abroad bank charges done transparent to consumers when they pointer adult for their stream comment or credit card. Consumers contingency be means to simply see either they are removing a good understanding or not.”


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