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Fixed-rate bond launched by Leeds Building Society

Leeds Building Society has launched a new fixed-rate bond, that provides some coherence for people who can’t tie all of their income adult for a set one-year period.

The bond offers a guaranteed lapse of 3.35 per cent sum p.a/AER and, for those that need a confidence of being means to entrance during slightest some of their money if required, provides total entrance to a entertain of a supports in a comment but notice or penalty.

Kim Rebecchi, sales and selling executive during a building society, commented: “Our 1 year bound rate bond offers an glorious guaranteed return, total with a coherence of total entrance to 25% of a funds. Furthermore, it can be non-stop with usually £100.

“Other bound rate holds now accessible on a marketplace need business to close divided all, or a vast infancy of, their funds. We trust a new bond provides a best of both worlds and design this multiple of a high bound rate and entrance to infer popular.”

The limit volume that can be invested in a comment is £5,000, or £10,000 for corner accounts and anybody meddlesome in opening a bond can hit Leeds Building Society by their branches, or online or by post.


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