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Halifax to offer £100 for switching stream accounts

Halifax has, once again, suggested that it will be profitable out windfalls of £100 to people who switch to a stream accounts.

From Monday 22 October, by until 2 Dec 2012, anyone who starts a switching routine with Halifax will have £100 credited into their comment true away. They will also be awarded £5 per month, any month that they compensate during slightest £1,000 into a account.

Halifax hopes to make it easy for people to switch stream accounts by holding caring of all a approach withdraw and station orders that any patron has. The Director of Personal Accounts during Halifax, Anthony Warrington, said, “Customers switching to a Halifax Reward Account will advantage not usually from £100 on a day they start a move, though will accept an ongoing £5 monthly prerogative when they credit a comment with £1,000.”

In further to creation a routine of switching to a Halifax comment elementary and straightforward, a bank also pledges to assistance business who are not happy with a Halifax use to switch accounts after on.

A flourishing series of banks are expected to start providing such incentives as a foe in a banking zone heats up.


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