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Manchester silent refused automobile word after relocating 100 yards

A Manchester silent has oral to a Manchester Evening News about how she was refused automobile word after she altered only 100 yards down her road.

Clare Blackwell altered only 10 doors down though her insurer, Tesco, sensitive her that she would not be lonesome as she was now vital in a high risk area for crime.

The pierce meant that her postcode had altered by one letter, that meant her insurer was no longer peaceful to cover her. She told a Manchester Evening News: “They pronounced it was a high-risk postcode and they would have to cancel my policy. we couldn’t trust it. I’ve got 9 years no-claims though they wouldn’t protection me.”

She explained that she rang them while during her father’s house, wanting to be insured so she could expostulate home. However, they told her they would not even protection her for an hour.

Tesco finally corroborated down and offering Ms Blackwell word for another 6 months, after they were contacted by a newspaper.

Tesco said, “We offering to extend her cover until her renovation date in July, though the patron has sensitive us that she would cite to cancel her process and has sought cover elsewhere.”


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