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Mobile payments to turn as easy as texting

The Payments Council has pronounced that a plan it is operative on should meant that creation payments around mobiles will shortly be as easy as promulgation a text.

The legislature is in a routine of formulating a executive database that links consumers’ mobile phone numbers to their bank comment details, no matter that bank or building multitude they use. The record should be accessible by a finish of a year.

Customers will need to register for a use around their bank, definition they will not need to supply supportive financial sum to a third party. Once registered, people will be means to send and accept most present payments from and to their comment regulating only a mobile phone. The Payments Council is touting a use as being “safe, secure and elementary to use”.

Chief Executive of a Payments Council, Adrian Kamellard, said, “There’s clearly a good direct for mobile payments and a work will safeguard that banks of all shapes and sizes can offer their possess rival use to their customers.”

He added, “Whether we wish to compensate a crony or your window cleaner, we are laying a substructure to capacitate mobile payments to turn a mainstream option.”


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