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Nationwide launches online-only stream account

An internet and phone-only stream comment has been launched by Nationwide Building Society.

The FlexDirect self-serve comment can usually be operated by users who are peaceful to go online or make calls to lift out ‘day-to-day transactions’. However, a comment can be non-stop in branch.

Nationwide has put a group in place privately to take caring of a headache of switching accounts for impending customers. There will also be a combined inducement of 2 per cent seductiveness on credit adult to £2,500.

The conduct of stream accounts during Nationwide, Phil Smith, settled that a hopes business will welcome a online-only indication and that it offers perks to business “looking to get some-more from their stream account”.

“FlexDirect offers business a rival rate of credit seductiveness as good as providing them with entrance to disdainful deals on other Nationwide products,” he stated.

Nationwide is among several building societies perplexing to squeeze business from banking competitors. The organisation claims to have non-stop 184,200 new stream accounts for business over a past 6 months alone. More than 50,000 of these business switched from banks to their building multitude stream accounts.


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