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Powa launches business credit label remuneration machine

Powa, an eCommerce platform, has this week launched a new business credit label and withdraw label remuneration tool.

mPowa is a software/hardware package that enables those such as tiny businesses and salespeople on a pierce to use their smartphone as a label remuneration machine. Users will be given a giveaway credit label reader that plugs into a audio jack on their phone. Used in multiple with a giveaway app, it allows businesses to take label payments with only a discerning swipe.

The new apparatus means tiny businesses will no longer be tied to offered their products in locations where a money appurtenance is tighten by. Instant profits can also be generated for customers, giving them a same certainty as if shopping in a high travel shop. Receipts can even be personalised.

Businesses can also customise a settings to emanate faithfulness programmes, reports and patron information snapshots. Powa says that a new business credit label reader has a same turn of confidence as banks and has a series of temperament corroboration measures in place for combined assent of mind.

The apparatus is giveaway to download and retailers will compensate 0.25 per cent for any transaction they routine regulating mPowa. It can be used with iPhones, iPads, Android Phones and Blackberry mobile devices.

Dan Wagner, CEO of mPowa, said, “Since a financial crisis, all tiny business people have listened is doom and gloom. We wish to move them some resounding good news going into 2012 with an easy-to-use record that will make their businesses faster and significantly some-more appealing to customers.”


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