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Solyndra says the CEO has resigned

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

Solyndra President and CEO Brian Harrison.

Solar association Solyndra pronounced Thursday a CEO Brian Harrison has resigned, according to The Associated Press.

Solyndra has been during a core of a media charge given a California solar appetite association sought failure insurance after receiving a $528 million loan pledge from a Obama administration.

The AP reports that Solyndra filed papers in a Delaware failure justice Wednesday that pronounced Harrison quiescent final Friday. Solyndra pronounced Harrison’s abdication was approaching even before a association sought failure protection, a AP said.

The news handle records that “Solyndra’s filing was in response to a suit by a Justice Department to designate a keeper to manage a failure case. The supervision was endangered association officials would not be stirring about Solyndra’s operations and finances.”

The AP also pronounced a Justice Department “filed a suit after Harrison and Solyndra arch financial officer W.G. Stover refused to answer questions when called before a U.S. House cabinet questioning a loan Solyndra perceived from a Energy Department.”

Separately, Reuters reports that Solyndra wants to designate “a high-profile failure expert” to run a association after a CEO departs.

“Solyndra asked a failure justice to let it sinecure Todd Neilson of Berkeley Research Group LLC as a arch restructuring officer,” Reuters said, citing papers filed on Tuesday during a Delaware court.

The news handle also records that Neilson, a former FBI agent, was failure keeper “for former universe fighting champion Mike Tyson, hip-hop record tag Death Row Records and a argumentative arch executive Marion ‘Suge’ Knight Jr.”

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